SOREC is an epistemic community that focuses on research and empowerment activities. It has become part of the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada. The organization was started with a passion to create a quality exchange of ideas in the public arena as well as to promote fair policy implementation. Initially, SOREC collaborated with other university research institutions to produce emancipation-based knowledge. In subsequent years, SOREC has expanded its network and influence by collaborating with NGOs and communities in many activities including research-based policy advocacy and public empowerment.

Vision and Mission

To create research-based educational institutions that are oriented towards enlightenment and social empowerment
(1) Advancing the university's mission by strengthening the link between teaching practices, research and community service; (2) Encouraging the growth of critical knowledge for understanding and achieving a better social life in Indonesian and global society; and (3) Contributing to the creation of social formations that are compatible with achieving prosperity, justice, peace and democracy.



Dr. Andreas Budi Widyanta


Gregorius Ragil Wibawanto, M.A.


Dian Puspita, M.A.

Junior Researcher

Odam Asdi Artosa, M.A.

Junior Researcher

Hartmantyo Pradigto Utomo, M.A.

Intern Assistant

Fariz Azhami Ahmad

Intern Assistant

Irawati Anindya Putri

Intern Assistant

Asih Hanan Fatmayanti

Intern Assistant

Raisya Insyira Kusumaningati

Dewan Kesehatan Rakyat (DKR)

Forum Peduli Difabel Bantul (FPDB)

International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development

Koalisi Kampus untuk Demokrasi Papua